Yael Soheme


Yael Jocelyne Soheme and E-motions

Yael left Bretagne in France for Israel with her parents at the age of 10, abruptly changing her childhood environment, but not before her two talents and dreams have deeply nested with her: dancing and painting.

After graduating French history and literature at the Tel Aviv University, she returned to painting and studied at Avni between 1982 and 1984, where Moshe Propes, Rachel Shavit, Gat Eliahu, Tuvia Beery and Moti Pen were her mentors.

Some of her early works have been exhibited at the Hilton and Auditorium lobby in Tel Aviv. In spite of the encouraging debut, Yael decided to dedicate herself to the family - at the expense of completely drifting away from painting.

Yael has recently returned to her two loves and dreams with the furry, passion and hunger simmering there for over 20 years of "exile".

Her 1st theme upon return is the passion and hard work in dancing; in an attempt to maybe compensate for not pursuing dance as a career, she paints dancers behind the scenes, as if reconstructing for herself the creation cycle and not the glory; a kind of snap shots at the tedious yet still colorful moments of rehearsal and resting in-between, where her figures are pensive and passionate at the same time, each in its own world, yet somehow spatially united by distinct patches of color.


  • Painting
  • teaching painting in Modi'in
  • oil
  • acrylic
  • חוגים לציור ורישום לבוגרים ולילדים - מודיעין.